More than a smart solution


Beyond Smart Factory…

It’s a completely new way to handle garment sourcing and production. Accurately forecast the production target & costs from core algorithm. Solution makes better communication between merchandizer & production section efficiently.
Digital transformation makes this all.

Efficiency in connecting people is
the most important factor in the apparel industry

Cloth is not easy to control.
Because of lots of design & size, and various patterns, and hard to control fabric & accessory.
So this is labor intensive, and worker is more important than robot or machines.

Monolis is the harmony of man and machine
It is a system of intelligence augmentation

Let humans do what humans are good at, and let Monolis do what machines do better.

  • Costing

  • Communication

  • Planning

  • Cooperation

  • Verification

Monolis makes accurate production target and cost and better communication related parties production and merchandizer and strategic production schedule and best production cost. Also possible to check each other forecast data and actual one.