• How to order assignment and confirmation

      1. After selecting the factory for order assignment through simulation, check the analysis result first. If you are satisfied with the result, please click ODER ISSUE. • Input contents: Factory, Order Q’ty, Line #   2. Check the order assignment information in ORDER ISSUE below and click SAVE.   3-1. If the Sales CM (REQ, CM) has been approved by the production plant, you can click the check mark to give final approval. 3-2. If the factory requests a change in wages (Factory CM), click the check mark if the wage is determined to be appropriate, and click Cancel to re-request the wage if it is judged to be inappropriate.

  • How to check the analysis results

    1. After clicking the analyzed style, check the analysis result first through simulation and running curve.   2-1. If you are satisfied with the analysis results, please click CONFIRM ANALYSIS.   2-2. If you are not satisfied with the analysis results, you can use COMMENT to request an agreement after clicking COMPLAINED (request for reanalysis).

  • How to request order target quantity and labor analysis

    1. Log in with the account you want to access 2. Click ANALYZE. 3. Click NEW REQUEST.   4. Enter the style information you want to analyze. • Style : Buyer, Brand, Style#, Item, Type, Size, Sketch • Order : Order #, Order SEQ • Reference details: DCD, Method • Analysis attachment: Sample REQ, Pattern, Sample, Work Instruction, and other documents • Be sure to enter the blue circle as it is a required field. 5. When all style information is entered, click Request.   6. Select Analysis Team and click OK.