Sije's Core Values ​​and Organizational Culture
작성일 : 2023-02-19 15:02:40

A company's true values ​​are revealed in who it recognizes and who it lets go.

The more the core values ​​of the tenses below relate to your story and the ideal 

co-workers you would like to work with, the more likely they are to match.

1. Prioritize tense missions over personal goals.

We can become a stronger organization when we pursue the same goal 

by prioritizing the mission of the team over individual goals, over team goals.

2. Self-directed growth through effective learning. Self-growth through individual voluntary learning

to create a new level of performance expectations. This will help you earn the respect of your peers and trust in yourself.

3. You have the power to fail quickly. Rather than being afraid of failure, we need the strength to try and fail faster.

If you quickly figure out which was the more important problem, you can go to the next step with courage.

4. We share transparency and candor among colleagues. We actively share company information

and work information so that individuals can work for themselves and have a sense of responsibility.

5. Work autonomously. We strive to ensure optimal decision-making and execution

in our position while adhering to the company's format and discipline.

What culture does Sije work in?

On the first day of joining the company, you will encounter the slogan “Make Sauce For Sourcing”.

It interprets the old sourcing business form of manufacturing to mean easing production 

by developing next-generation supply solutions through IT innovation. 

The organizational culture of the tenses is also not very different.

We create a culture suitable for people who abandon vertical work styles and 

grow together through change with outstanding capabilities.

Sije employees are people who are more important to achieving achievements and bringing innovation 

to the market through them, earning the respect of team members in the process, 

and working with great colleagues in mutual respect than living comfortably without major challenges. .

Tense organizational culture is built on the following criteria: