Hiring UI/UX Designers
작성일 : 2023-02-20 01:24:54
Sije is a company based in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, and is organized into planning, design, overseas sales,
and development, and is a technology-based solid startup that holds a patent for a production prediction
system using artificial intelligence. Every year, we are looking for team members
to pioneer new markets with the continuously growing Sije.

• UI design according to web-based service UX planning
• Overall user experience design and GUI implementation
I'm looking for someone like this
• UI/UX designer with more than 2 years of experience
• Those who are proficient in Figma or Adobe XD (medium to high)
• Those with excellent communication and collaboration skills
It's better if you're like this!
• Someone who can implement a good UI from the user's point of view
• Those who can quickly understand and solve various forms and data
• A meticulous person who can meticulously organize detailed designs