Smart Factory Startup ‘Sije’ attracts KRW 300 million in seed investment
작성일 : 2023-02-17 01:51:44

Sije is a startup established in May 2021 and operates a solution-type collaboration platform, MONOLIS. 
Monolith digitally converted the complicated and numerous clothing sourcing process into just 12 steps. 
In particular, process analysis technology, 
called the engine of Monolith, is a key technology that shortened 
the traditional sourcing lead time, which took one year to make one piece of clothing, to six months.

Based on the patented process analysis algorithm technology, 
Prototype independently developed mini-line design technology that enables small-lot production 
of various products in mass production plants. In addition, IOT smart devices that collect 
and analyze production volume in real time enhance the reality of the data by performing machine learning on the analyzed process data.
Shin In-jun, CEO of Sije, said, “The existing clothing production management systems (MES, PLM, etc.) are still at the level of the 80s and 90s. Monolith breaks away from the existing spreadsheet method and provides an interface 
like enjoying an online portal shopping mall, providing practitioners with quick understanding and high convenience. In addition, 700,000 process data collected from about 800 overseas factories is a prediction system 
that proposes an optimal process layout in one second when a worker uploads 
a work order through artificial intelligence technology, a core competitiveness that other industries can never follow. ”he said.

He continued, “Smart factory technology aimed at automation and 
unmanned is useless in labor-intensive industries where mechanization is impossible. 
We will solve the blind spots of smart factories through solutions that effectively connect people and bring out the best efficiency.”